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Last Updated Tuesday, 09-May-2006 21:56:36 EDT

Mystaria's Vinja-Kanja:

Vinja-Kanja, Male Tarutaru

My NPC's name is Vinja-Kanja
He is a male TaruTaru who likes to keep his lil taru feet on the ground. That and he worries if you ride chocobos.. if you will retain their smell.

Vinja is my little buddy who I love to adventure (solo) with quite often, I make sure he never dies. This little Taru may look innocent, but little does everyone know. He can get the latest gossip and political information out there.

Vinja is very loyal to Windurst and its well being. Normally he will be found in his favorite place away from home. In the Gardens of Jueno, where all the ambassadors and local politicians meet, latest Vanadiel gossip as well as hand around local aristocrats with deep pockets. After all.. a Taru should never have to walk around poor. ;)
After all.. where else can you get the latest dirt on Sandoria or Bastok?

I try to meet up with him daily to take him out on another adventure. Although hes only level 32, He has a big heart, as well as a GREAT katana!

Always takes care of doing the most damage to the monsters since I am just a simple WHM. So as a attacker, he will go through thick and far to make sure we survive the day. We had some tough times when you get 3 monsters all aggroing on your at the same time, but we survived and moved on showing them who is "Bossy-wossy!"

Last night my adventure begins.. I am in Al Zhabi and I let that silly Taru talk me into being a test subject again and to warp me to Jueno so I can meet up with Vinja for todays battle.
Boy.. isn't the view nice up here..? Remind me to go back to Al Zhabi and "Thank Him" sigh... teach him to spend time in the Opistary some more...

Finally I meet up with Vinja in the Gardens, exchange standard greetings and we decide to move it to B.Downs to go off on another xp grinding day in search for more treasure. =)

So off we go, killing Goblins, Panthers, and sometimes.. when we are getting tired, go after a sapling.

Vinja has quite a grace with his GKT for a Taru. ^_^v I'm proud to have him work his magic on those nasty monsters who cross our path!

After a long and hardaru day, nothing is more satisfying then seeing your little NPC level up after a long hard day of work. =)
I was so proud last night around 2am when he leveled himself up to 32! GJ Vinja! (I still remember when he hit level 31 too!)

As the closed out, it was time for him to go back to Windurst to sleepy-weepy. He told me his secret that no one else knows.
Late at night, when the sun goes down, he likes to change into his other job and armor and go around "playing" with level 1 characters. Telling me its fun to watch how they try so hard in their sparring matches! Well, I asked him if he could show me in his armor and he was happy to comply before running off to goto bed.

Anyways, before I saw him off to the Mog house, he told me of a new quest to do the next day. (Today) He told me he was asked to investigate the emptiness that is around. Well I said lets go then when we get together again! He was a little happy Taru! Knowing that in the Promies gives little NPCs a nice XP bonus and reward if their partners are willing to escort them and take good care of them to make sure they don't die on the adventures ahead!

So tonight, when I get home, I know what I will be doing. =) Taking Vinja out to his 1st Promy adventure! We are going to Holla! Where we will take on Weepers and so. Then afterwards, head back down to familiar zones in the B.Downs afterwards. Vinja hopes he can get another level up tonight to make him 33. Never know, With the way he goes after monsters... he may just get that wish tonight. =D

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