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Last Updated Friday, 21-Oct-2005 19:45:00 EDT

Info on WAP Portal Access for your cell phone!
Wap Portal:
Wap portals are websites designed for cell phones to surf the web. In this case, you can browse content such as Ringtones, Wallpapers, Java Apps, News, Game stuff on DMs.
T-Mobile - T-Zones
AT&T - nMode
Sprint - PCS Vision
Verizon - VZ
You MUST have a internet plan to access these sites with your phone!If you do, continue on.

To load this page you must point your CELL phones browser to

Once there you will see 7 choices:
DarkMystics (Work in Progress!) Will be putting DM related stuff here.

Ringtones (Download standard ringers, songs, game music or click "Free ringtone search" to find what you are looking for.)

Pictures Pictures are various items, and yes... to all you guys out there.. yes.. I did add your semi nude/nude women in there too.. (Really.. dont know what you see in that all.. sigh.. men..) But yea, so if you wanted non FFXI stuff, its there too for some normal stuff. Even has a Yoda. =)

Java (Uploaded some games that are J2ME compliant. Counter Strike is great!) More games added.. alot are formatted for Motorola phones, however just try and see what may work for your phone.

FFXI (Duh? This section, you will see the ringtone midi files from all expansions and the game.)

FFXIPic This section will allow you to download wallpapers with a FFXI theme to your phone, flags, backgrounds etc. Some pictures however may be too large for some phones.. so try another file.

FFXIText (Work in Progress!) Trying to see if maybe we can get jokes, guides, and fan stories up here.. need to see if it works on most peoples phones to see if its worth investing in. =)

Please note that not all phones will 100% support EACH wallpaper or midi, reason is file sizes, midi channels, picture size, etc.

All I can tell you is that a Nokia s60 phone (Like 3650) or Motorola Vxxx or anything new should work these fine, other phones may vary.

Anyways, feel free to grab some of these, please note, PC webbrowsers will NOT be able to view this site as this url is coded to only work with WAP Browsers that your cell phone will use. Reason for this is easy.. you can find anything on google for your PC already. Too much FFXI stuff out there now. Those however who wish to use their phone and grab some new things, enjoy! =)

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