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Last Updated Thursday, 13-Jul-2006 00:30:33 EDT

Downloads and Files:
Well here ill post any files worth a download. Also anything FFXI/LS members feel is good to have or FFXI related.

FFXI Offline Macro Editor
Yekyaa's FFXI ME! v2 is a tool to edit your macros offline, backup your macros, and restore macro sets. Perfect for anyone who wants to move macros from PC to PC, or download a macro set. (Note, It will link to the dir, so any new updates uploaded will be shown, This is a revived project designed by Yekyaa of old codebeast.net)

FFXI Ringtones/Wallpapers
FFXI CellPhone HTML Version of the WAP Portal with only the FFXI content, which includes FFXI Midis and Pictures! Now you can see what you wish to download or midi for your cell phone or PC, otherwise for FULL content, please access the Wap Portal page!

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