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These are the rules you will have to follow if you are a member of our sanctuary.
Like them or not, you will follow them or better decide to leave and join another ls.
We did not develop this rules because we had nothing better to do -- be sure there is always a reason behind most of them but i don't want to explain all of them here.
Feel free to ask if you want to know more.

These rules are set as guidelines to maintain a friendly environment within Dark Mystics.

General Rules:

  • Simple Rule for Final Fantasy XI:
  • Have some basic role playing knowledge. (This would mean dont be just treating FFXI as a normal chat or so, You dont need to be all out... but little things such as race speech, dancing, enjoying your character, or a simple words macro for your spells or actions.
  • Have a sense of loyalness to your friends and the LS.
  • Help new players out to get the feel of FFXI and make them enjoy the game even more!
  • Keep DM as a family.
  • NO Backstabbing LS Members
  • If you can, try to contribute to guild to help it grow, simple request if we want to try get bigger =)
  • Anyone can recruit and join DM Linkshell no matter what your job is or level. We welcome you as a equal. Contribute to guild in the best way you can =)
  • Above all, UPHOLD THE LS's PEACEFULL AND KIND SPIRIT! We do not want to attract wars, fights, or flames, We want a friendly guild that makes you ENJOY every logon you do! =)

If you have any problems with our rules or anything else concerning our community: contact me at Mysticales@darkmystics.com to discuss your problem.

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